You've waited long enough! Prometeo Toys is proud to finally presents the Mazinkaiser SKL model, a highly-articulated, high-detailed and top quality reproduction based on the iconic robot of the Japanese OVA Mazinkaiser SKL from 2012. The anime robot design is an original work from the legendary manga artist Go Nagai, which carries on the long Nagaian tradition of giant robots started with the legendary Mazinger Z in 1972.
The model design and engineering was guided by the talented artist Basilio "Bax74" Trombetta, very well-known and appreciated by the collector community for his customs works.
The Mazinkaiser SKL model is composed by die-cast parts (a lot!) and plastic parts, in full compliance with the best tradition of Gōkin models.


The way we chose to bring our Mazinkaiser SKL to life is the fundraising through a crowdfunding campaign on Kikcstarter.
We invested a lot of time and resources to create a final prototype and to set up all the right business partnerships necessary to run this project till its success. We are now ready to move into preproduction tests and production, but we can't move forward without your help.
Make the “Mazinkaiser SKL” happen!


We recognize the importance of our backers and challange of a crowdfunding campaign. That's why we want to make this Mazinkaiser SKL edition unique and special! We have included some items, materials and features which will be available exclusively in this Kickstarter edition.
Pay attention to the sign § ("section sign") in the product description below: any item or feature marked with a section sign (§) will be exclusive of this edition and never released again as presented in this campaign, if a future re-release will ever occur.
This is our promise and our commitment for you collectors!
But there's even more. On the top of that, all models from this campaign will be numbered progressively! (each edition with its own numbering).
In this way you will have the guarantee of owning a unique piece from a short-numbered limited production.
Can it get any better? Yes! The box art will be an original illustration by the very talented and very well-known artist Adriano De Vincentiis, an incredible illustrator of graphic novels and drawer! (here you can see a short gallery of his robotic artworks »)
This is not an edition you want to miss. Check carefully what this special edition has to offer!

The Kickstarter campaign for the Mazinkaiser SKL will be launched on Febraury 20th, join to the campaign »

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