The model is molded in die-cast (Zamak), steel (some joints) and plastic (PVC, ABS) and it's massive! Take a look to the specifics:

Height: approx. 227mm (to the tip of the head horns)
Materials: Zamak (die-cast), PVC and ABS.
Articulations: a total of 16 joints so distributed:
- head (ball joint)
- neck (ball joint)
- shoulder x2 (ball ratchet joints, steel)
- elbow x2 (ratchet joints, it can also swivel)
- wrists x2 (ball joints)
- chest (ball joint)
- hip (swivel joint)
- leg x2 (extractable ball ratchet joints, steel)*
- knee x2 (ratchet joints, steel)
- ankle x2 (ball joints)

* The leg ball joints are extractable, so to provide high poseability. Most of the pictures show the ball joints extracted. That means that they can be retracted to hidden them more.


The picture shows the distribution of the die-cast parts. In addition to that, the joints from shoulders, legs and knees are made out of steel.


Breast plate "fins" can rotate
The biceps-forearm plugging system is magnetic
A hideable peg on the back can hold the sword

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