This is the complete list of the robot model accessories. Pay attention to the sign § ("section sign") as any item marked with it will be an exclusive of Kickstarter and never released again as presented in this campaign, if a future re-release will ever occur.
IMPORTANT: pictures don't show all the accessories, please go through the list.


Faces x4: normal (blue eyes), scarred (one damaged red eye and one normal blue eye), full-power (yellow eyes), scarred full-power (§) (one damaged red eye and one normal yellow eye - Kickstarter exclusive).


Hand set x4: punches, gun handlers, hatchet handlers, sword/axe handlers.




It comes with with extendable handle.


Illustrative purposes only, not the final product



Posable mantle: made out of fabric around a flexible metal thread. The solution provides the mantle with superior poseability.

Illustrative purposes only, not the final product


The mythic demonic wings borrowed by the Wingle robot in the anime. It comes with 6 articulation points: 2 swivel joints between the two halves of the wings which allow the second halves to rotate, and 2 double composite joints (swivel + hinge joints) at the base of the wings which allow the first halves to rotate and swing. The maximum wingspan is approximately 54cm!


To cover the screw holes on the back.


The Mazinkaiser SKL bundle includes a stand to display the robot and store the accessories.
On the front side (in the area which appears like an empty panel in the pictures) it will be possibile, through magnetic coupling, to display a tag with the name of the robot.
In detail, the display stand is provided with:

The front side is not meant to be empty like in the picture,
but it will host a magnetic tag with robot name

The Skull Pilder support peg are black in the picture, but they will be produced in clear plastic.
(if you wish you can display the head too ;P)

The inside of the drawer will be black as the rest of the stand.
The drawer will contain a blister where to store the unused accessories.

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